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IT interim management

What is an Interim Manager?

The concept of Interim manager within IT departments identifies professionals with extensive experience in IT management and management who are incorporated externally to a company to carry out a very specific executive mission for a specified period of time and with previously defined objectives. .


It is the way to be able to incorporate professionals of an excellent level to the company for a specific project or on an interim basis without having to make temporary contracts.

What are the advantages of hiring an Interim Manager?

Interim Management implies the incorporation of professionals with extensive experience and high excellence in a specific mission to be carried out , a mission that the company has considered strategic and that requires maximum dedication, experience and knowledge.


The temporary link only during the project implies a lower cost for the company .

Interim management allows companies that do not have sufficient resources to hire highly qualified professionals for a certain project or period of time .

This type of work for objectives entails great productivity, commitment and involvement on the part of the person who performs the tasks of Interim Manager. It also offers great speed in start-up and flexibility , obtaining results from the first moment thanks to professional experience.


The use of Interim Management in the company allows you to have a vision and objectivity in the performance that an external vision of the company can provide, being able to see improvement processes outside the day-to-day of the employees.

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For start-up
For new projects or very complex projects you can turn to a temporary CIO specialist. Feel free to ask us about Interim CIO.


Setesca Talent is Setesca's talent search and selection division. Responsible for having selected CIOs for some of the most important companies in the country.

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It is the certificate created by Setesca and LiceoTic that accredits executives with a high level of excellence in the management of IT information systems in any type of company.

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Mentoring is the most effective method of starting a new project or assuming a new position. It is complementary to training and facilitates consultation with experts on how to tackle new challenges, how to know the risks and how to apply solutions based on real experiences.


Many consulting firms offer consulting on innovation, at SETESCA we really offer an innovative model of technology consulting.


Since 2007 we have worked with the conviction that the improvement of processes and information systems are the means to achieve competitive value for our clients. At Setesca we work hard to provide technology companies with the best tools and solutions to continue growing.


We think like our clients and we know how they need to meet their needs, that is why we seek the most pragmatic, effective and competitive solutions in cost and innovation, to provide maximum added value.


The core of our value proposition is to offer our clients expert services focused on innovation and always based on the latest market trends. Our services are provided by some of the best professionals in the market.


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Innovative and complete talent solutions for the transformation of your business. Consulting tailored to you.
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The largest ecosystem of CIOs and IT managers independent of integrators and solutions.
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Professionals with extensive experience and high excellence in a specific mission to carry out, to help your company.
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Specialists in drone solutions for surveillance, monitoring, audiovisual and anti-drone systems
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Reference training center for professionals related to the world of ICT and innovation.
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